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 The War has just starting!

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PostSubject: The War has just starting! 2012-06-13, 00:51

Dear, Heroes!
We going to create the most strongest quest ever! There the time to be a Hero, player. The darkness has coming for you, with Darion, but first.. know his normal man, Darion's story!

Darion was a normal guy, who wanted to be famous. One day, Darion after finished the work, not going to home, he went to one of the Gods of Apocalypse. Darion knows, maybe he never seen his family more. The god of apocalypse gives a deal to Darion, if he gives his soul to the god, he can occupied the world. Darion accepted this deal, and the god make him a Demon.. A very powerful demon, who going to destroy the world.

You, Hero. You are the one who can save us! Hurry, you know what you need to do, lets do that!

Quest Series
- Darion the Soulless
- The revenge..
- Enemy or Friend?
- The Hour of Darkness

Short description about the quests

Darion the Soulless
Darion is found the way to destroy the world, but his power is not enough for that. You need to get the Death Forged Ice Sword before Darion found it!

The Revenge..
Darion wants to kill you, but it is impossible, if you successfully gets the Heroic set! The Heroic Armour Set is into pieces is, four boss cared for.

Enemy or Friend?
The Raptor catch you, and commands you to go. He don't want a "kid" who trying to be famous! The Raptor thinks you are a little hero, like the others who wanted to save the world, and soon failed. While you and The Raptor discuss about that, Darion found you, and you need to escape from his wrath, but you failed..
If The Raptor not save your life! The Raptor withheld Darion, and commands you to escape! You need only one more piece of the set, and while you escape, you found a room, where you can to hide, but you found the final boss, who cared for the final, most strongest piece.

The Hour of Darkness
The time is came to finally save the world. Time to catch Darion, and kill him!

You thinks this is the end, but NO! No, hero.. this is not the end.


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The War has just starting!

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