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 Mr Weed (Emperor).

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PostSubject: Mr Weed (Emperor). 2012-06-10, 06:23

Welcome to all new players! I hope you enjoy RealScape.
I'll introduce myself, to you know who I am.

I am the Idea Developer of RealScape, the guy who everyday create new ideas to make the server better/best. This work looks very easy, but its not easy! When I try to get some new idea, I need to know something before I do anything! First I need to know, my idea is possible to add to the game. There's many custom items, bosses, places who's waiting to add to game. These ideas are maybe possible, but very hard to get it! I working to add a new [Heroic] armour set to game. This armour set is possible to add, but we need a good graphics designer to make these item pieces 3D! The Heroic armour set is dropped by a boss, but we don't know yet what boss that. My real idea is make a big Citadel, where a big boss live, who going to destroy the world. There's the first problem, we can't create and add a new "Citadel" or anything..

<More about the [Heroic] Armour set>
The Heroic armour set is a special custom armour set, the best armour what released in the world. The armour set is created by the Master Of Smithing in the first age. The Master goes to create a new armour for the crusaders, who wanted to kill the world most highest boss, who goes to destroy the world! When the day is came to, the master is not finished the work. The Crusaders defended his City for 3day, but soon the boss finally destroyed the city with his citizens. The Master tried to escape, but failed. The final odds to alive, wear the armour and fight with the boss. The Master successfully cybernated the boss, but he knows this is not the end..

<The first day after the fight..>
The Master is successfully completed the armour set, and suddenly died. The armour set is enchanted with souls, souls of ancient heroes, and the souls now escaped. Only the new Hero can handle the souls, but only when wearing the armour. Now.. the souls helped to the boss to escaped from his cybernation, and the boss again goes to destroy the world.

You are the one who can save the world. You need to get the Heroic Armour set, its combined with your soul, and you can handle the souls and commands them to kill the boss! You enough strongest to save our world, or the hour of darkness came to?

Thanks for reading, enjoy the time what you spent to RealScape!
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PostSubject: Re: Mr Weed (Emperor). 2012-06-10, 10:45

Welcome, and nice idea. But you should add this post in the suggestion thread.
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Mr Weed (Emperor).

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