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 Server New Ideas - REAL COME TO MSN!

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PostSubject: Server New Ideas - REAL COME TO MSN! 2012-07-20, 04:45

Dear, everyone who read that!

Real gonna make a new-great thing, what brings you to the old runescape. I have some new ideas to create a fully new server, with new features. In future I try to make 'pet battle system', It means you can teach your pet how to beat other player's pet. This idea is from the World Of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria.

... And this is not all! More updates:

- Dungeon Raid - Invite your friends, and beat dungeons! *New Dungeon System!*
- Buff - Increase your health, attack power, armor defense. (max 30%)
- Guardian, Battle and Master Elixirs! - Scroll down!

And soon more..

About the new elixirs:

Guardian - Increase your armor defense by 50% (Dungeon raid: Tank)
Battle - Increase your attack power by 50% (Dungeon raid: Dps)
Master - Increase all of your skills by 50(99+51=150/150*skill*)-Gives you bigger chance to get +xp's.

I hope you like my ideas, and soon we can realize them. Thanks for reading!


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Server New Ideas - REAL COME TO MSN!

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